Southcliff (Sorna)

(population: 23,000) Located on the eastern edge of the Kerak, Southcliff is a small, fortified Eldaran city.

Southcliff is accessible via the Isthmus Road which connects the city to Westfall on the Bloody Coast.

The city is unique in its construction, as it is literally built into the cliffs of the Redpeaks Mountains.

Southcliff's only connection to the Sea of Orel is via the Pleasant River, which starts near the city as a series of waterfalls, then meanders east, through the Valley of Lost Cities, down to the Bloody Coast.

The city is currently ruled by Duke Amalric DeMaar.

Local History

In the early years of the Second Age, this city was founded by the ancient Kashardi people, who named it "Sorna." Eventually, Sorna became a Satrapy of the Sultanate of Kashar, a regional power which controlled much of the region.

After the fall of Zangaro, the Sultanate collapsed and the city became independent. It later became an important member of the Tekritian League. Sadly, Sorna was eventually destroyed by the Empire of Shorafa. It was then abandoned for many years.

After many years, Thannish settlers re-populated the city and re-named it "Southcliff." Soon after, the city became part of the present-day Kingdom of Eldara.

During the Ravinian Empire, the city grew in size and importance because of the construction of the Kerak, a massive fortification built to keep out the hated Vilzari.