The Southlands

The Southlands region of Corwyn is located south of the Highlands and stretches south to the shores of the Sea of Ralas. It consists of the Celadon Forest, the Cairn Mountains, the Reach and the Kingdom of Serathyr.

The Southlands is a large region of broad valleys, rocky cliffs, towering mountains, and salty marshlands. The Southlands consists of five distinct regions; the Dwarf-realm of Kharos-Th√Ľngol, the Reach, the Ralani kingdoms of Rennsfar and Serathyr, and the human freehold of Dorinvar located in the Reach.

Technically, Rennsfar is an island kingdom, but its close proximity to Serathyr, and the fact that it was once not only politically, but geographically connected to the mainland of Corwyn makes it really an integral region of the Southlands.

The Southlands are home to humans of Ralani descent; who are commonly encountered in this region. But, in addition to its human population; the Southlands are home to the Red-Dwarves of the Cairn Mountains.

The most important exports of the Southlands are: rich, rare timber, crops of olives and fruit, wines, olive oil, and well-made ships.


The Southlands have also been a region of much bloodshed over the centuries. Plagued by frequent raids from Corsairs of Tar Vielca, and many internal civil wars; the area can be a dangerous place. Rennsfar and Serathyr, once parts of the same great kingdom, are at each other's throats these days, and the Reach is really nothing more than a set of small puppet baronies and freeholds of Serathyr.