The Southlands

The Southlands is a large geographic region of the West; largely encompassed by the Kingdom of Serathyr.

The regional borders are the Purple Mountains to the north, the Jagged Coast of the Iron Sea to the West, and the Pirate Coast of the Sea of Ralas to the south and east.


The Southlands is a large region of broad valleys, rocky cliffs, towering mountains, and salty marshlands. It consists of several important geographic areas: the Celadon Forest, the Cairn Mountains, and the Saltmarsh. The most important regional exports are: rare timbers, crops of olives and fruit, wines, olive oil, and well-made ships.


There are only two political entities in the Southlands, which consist of:

Local History

The Southlands has been a region of much bloodshed over the centuries; plagued by frequent raids from Corsairs of Tar Vielca, and many internal civil wars.