Spell weavers are nonhuman spell-casters of great power, originating from an alternate dimension. Only vaguely humanoid in appearance, they have a combination of mammalian, reptilian, and insectoid features.

Spell weavers are mysterious six-armed beings with an uncanny control over magic. They are exceptionally rare and mysterious, typically encountered only when they appear to steal magic items for unknown purposes. Spell weavers usually act alone, but on rare occasions, small groups of spell weavers perform highly coordinated raids to achieve their objectives, using magic to hide or disguise themselves in humanoid society.

Spell weavers are totally silent, using telepathy (10-mile radius) to communicate among themselves. Humans find that telepathic communication with spell weavers is extremely difficult and even dangerous, resulting in temporary insanity for any individual who attempts ESP or telepathic rapport and fails in thr attempt. The Insanity lasts up to 6 days, with effects as per the mage spell 'confusion.'

Spell weavers never speak, except to utter a strange language of whistles and clicks as verbal components when they cast spells. They speak only with their own kind, through a silent combination of telepathy, sign language, and the shifting colors and patterns of the chromatic disks that all spell weavers possess, allowing them to convey hours of conversation in mere moments. The only communication spell weavers make with other races is the occasional cryptic, rambling written message left for other races to find after their raids are complete.

Spell weavers with class levels are fairly common. Most take levels as sorcerers, almost exclusively favoring the Arcane bloodline. A few also take levels of rogue or fighter so as to enter the arcane trickster or eldritch knight prestige classes. Divine spellcasters are unknown among spell weavers, as their race is strictly atheistic.


The history and motivations of the spell weaver race is unknown. The very rare cases in which spell weaver communications have been deciphered hint at an ancient empire that vanished mysteriously, and those who try (and inevitably fail) to make telepathic contact with spell weavers sometimes tell of visions of great step pyramids, hundreds of feet tall, amid the temporary insanity induced by the spell weavers’ alien minds. Bas reliefs from ruined ziggurats of ancient Sha'Dur depict six-armed figures that some sages identify with spell weavers; these beings, called the"Annunaki" in the Shadurian language, were believed to be a race of gods who helped lift Sha'Dur out of barbarism and taught them the secrets of building their civilization. Finally, though much of the the dark continent of Avokhar is a mystery to sages everywhere, there are passing glimpses of the great stone structures Sha'Dur Mountains in the continent’s northern regions. What any of these clues might mean, none can conclusively say.