(pop: 8,000) Located deep within the Vesarivon Forest, Starfall is a small elvish city which serves as the capital of Antharë.

The city of Starfall is unique in one aspect; it is actually two sister-cities. One is a small city inhabited by the Grey-Elves, while the other is an ancient abandoned ruin of a far older elvish city named "Celwynvian," which was destroyed in some ancient catastrophic event.

Details of this cataclysm are keep a closely-guarded secret by the elves.

The two cities are separated by a river and the "Thornwall;" an enormous, ancient magical barrier.

In the central district of Starfall is the beautiful Silverleaf Palace which houses the famous Veiled Throne of the Grey-Elves. Today, that magnificent palace is the home of Queen Myrani.

Prominent Starfall Residents