King Starion Alessarë

Starion Alessarë was the seventh Elven-king of Ectharë; who was murdered by Lorynäe Anarivon in 537/2, when she attempted to usurp the Eternal Throne. His murder sparked the long and bloody War of Wrath.

After the death of his father; Ainurion during the War of the Dragons, it came to pass that Starion Alessarë became King of the Silvar-Elves. One of his senior court advisors was a beautiful Elven priestess named Lorynäe Anarivon. Many Elven sages believe Lorynäe was Starion's mistress and greatly desired to be his wife, but Starion spurned her.

Other scholars theorize she only wanted the Eternal Throne for herself, and may have been influenced by dark spirits, or even demonic forces. In any event, Starion was betrayed by Lorynäe and her followers in the year 537/2. In an elaborate plot, she murdered Starion and attempted to usurp the Eternal Throne.

What followed was complete chaos, with elves slaying each other en masse on the streets of Elutheria, the elven capital. The loyalist faction of Elves was led Starion's son; Ismelian, who swore revenge upon Lorynäe and all her followers. Ismelian was both a fierce warrior and brilliant military leader; he alone is credited with saving the Eternal Throne from being stolen by the Dark-Elves.

As a member of the House of Alessarë, Starion was the seventh elven king to sit the Eternal Throne. He was the father of Ismelian and the grandfather of the famous Talarion Brightstar.