Steelfist Regiment

The Steelfist Regiment is considered the finest unit of mercenary soldiers in existence on Oris.

The emblem of the regiment is a silver mailed fist on a red background. The regiment’s current strength numbers over 7,500 troops, of which 2,500 are on retainer with the city-state of Sarkosa. This unit is reputed to be one of the finest military forces anywhere in the world, with the best of both training and equipment.

Today, the Regiment actively recruits new members from all over Corwyn and Azoria; it has Guildhalls in many major cities, and offers good pay in return for a set-period of military service. No questions are asked of a man's past upon entry; and many members have joined the regiment to escape from the local law enforcement, or other mistakes made in their past lives.



The Regiment was first founded in the year 408/6 by Queen Astrid Kilräen of Amar; who not only came up with the idea but secretly financed the unit for several years.

The unit's original purpose was to assist the loyalists in crushing the Halberon Uprising in neighboring Erindar. Because of the good pay offered, several thousand former Amari soldiers joined the unit and fought in that bloody conflict. However, despite the intervention of the Regiment, the Erindari rebels were successful and the loyalists defeated.

Although their first employer, the House of Orsini, did not survive, the Regiment did. The unit went on to serve illustriously in many other military campaigns. Over the last several centuries, the Regiment has deployed troops all over the continents of Corwyn, Azoria, and several island nations.

The current commander of the regiment is Titus Baldwyn.