the Stoneway

(Old King’s Road) road that runs southeast from the border outpost of Westgard Keep to the Orellian border town of Seaforth; where travelers are ferried east across the River Cyr to the city of Kholis. From there, the road skirts the southeast edge of the Cyrien Sea, turning northeast toward the junction of the Saugreth-Muir and Salakrün Mountains at Castlemuir. The road then continues east through the Cloven Hills and the Three-River Valley, where at each crossing, a large trading village exists with a river ferry service. When the Stone way reaches the captiol city of Ashara, it intersects the Ansilay road that heads northover the Salakrün Mountains. After leaving the capitol, the Stoneway continues east to the Gwynnish border at Carthac Keep. From there the road skirts the bottom of the Salakrün Mountains, then goes east into Üthrar before ending at the city of Ul-Karad. Portions of the road are heavily patrolled by the forces Gwynne, because of dangers of bandit raids from the adjacent Ravenwood forest.

The Stoneway was built in the Fourth Age by the kingdom of Rhodara and is completely paved with bluish-grey stones. The road is now maintained by Gwynne, and is in fair condition.