the Stoneway

The Stoneway, also called the Old King's Road, is an important east-west route, from Westgard Keep in Alveron running east through Gwynne to the √úthrari city of Ul-Karad. Portions of the road are hazardous to travelers, especially those portions of the road that go through Ravenwood Forest.

The Stoneway was built in the Fourth Age by the kingdom of Rhodara and is completely paved with bluish-grey stones. The road is now maintained by Gwynne, and is in fair condition.

Westgard Keep to Seaforth
Seaforth to Kholis (via river barge)
Kholis to Castlemuir
Castlemuir to Ashara (junction with Ansilay Road)
Ashara to Carthac Keep
Carthac Keep to Ul-Karad (nation of √úthrar)