Storm of the North

The Storm of the North was a period of ferocious winter weather that was unleashed by Alokkair upon the northern kingdom of Thalar to mask his assault upon that realm.

This terrible storm lasted for forty years, between 785-825/4. When it subsided, the realm of Thalar was overthrown, and its capitol city of El-Gerath was completely destroyed. In addition, the Thalari city of Al-Enoth was destroyed, and the fortress of Sol-Kathad fell to an army of Dark-Elves; who were secretly working with Alokkair to overthrow the North. Once Sol-Kathad was captured, the Dark-Elves took the fortress as their own, and the two Thalari cities were laid waste and never rebuilt.

The Storm of the North also had another dark legacy. After it subsided, the Northern Wastes began to be plagued by wandering, vengeful spirits called the Ice Wraiths; bent on revenge and seeking the blood of living men.

Edgerd Marothë III, the last King of Thalar was slain during this storm and PEACEMAKER; his Melanthir sword was captured by the Dark-Elves and carried off to the fortress of Sol-Kathad. That sword has never been recovered.