Capitol: Zakresh (population: 53,000)
Population: 921,000 (95% human; of which 96% Hakeen, 4% Eloysian. Also 4% Wood-Elves, 1% other)
Government: Republic
Current Leader: Sultan Dimos Al-Din (CN 5th level fighter\4th level wizard\3rd level rogue)
Coat of Arms: a silver seahorse on a bright blue field
Exports: fruits, herbs, fish, lace, mercenaries

Located deep within the Vhan Myr Ocean, this chain of ten large and over thirty small islands is home to the largest fruit groves anywhere in the East. The second most powerful of the three Hakeen island relams, Stry once traded its fruit exports with the Hakeen civilization of Corwyn, the lost Xholar Empire. Huge crops of pineapples, oranges, blood oranges, lemons, and limes are harvested every year and their sales have made the islanders wealthy and powerful. In every port on the eastern and southern coasts of Corwyn, there are Styrian fruit carriers, specialized ship with insulated hulls for their perishable cargoes. Styrians are also famous for their weapons and the prowess of their warriors. Every year large mercenary levees are drafted to serve around the eastern world. The Styrian mercenaries are chosen for their martial skills, their unswerving loyalty, and their fanatical devotion to their employers. To protect her mercantile interests, the Sultan of Styr maintains a large and capable navy of 25 warships to protect his seaports, and a standing army of 6,000. Styr can also field an army of nearly 40,000 in time of war. Styrian ships are distinguishable by their bright blue-painted hulls, the large carved silver seahorses on their prows, and their pale blue silk sails. The Styrians deserve their nickname, ‘the Blue Fleet.’