Süroth was one of seven new barbaric kingdoms formed after the destruction of the kingdom of Adar after the War of the Pretender at the end of the Fourth Age.

Today, very little is known of the realm of Süroth.

Its capital was the ancient Drow fortress of Erôn-Mored. and its leaders had a dreadful reputation for cruelty and terror.

The territory of Süroth was part of the present-day realm of Drakhara.

After the rise of Sorimmar in the Fifth Age, the kingdom was eventually absorbed into Drakhara.

The last King of Olgara, whose true name is forgotten, became one of the Dark Lord's seven Zûl.

The coat of arms of Süroth consisted of a white skull, with red eyes and fangs, above crossed silver swords, all on a black field.

Order of the Süroth

The Süroth was an order of evil knights which ruled Eastern Corwyn. Even today, the emblem of the long-forgotten realm survives as the symbol of that feared order of dark knights. Even though the kingdom was long ago overthrown and became part of Drakhara, the evil knightly order has survived, and carries out evil missions throughout Corwyn even in the present day.

The Leader of this evil order of knights later became one of the Seven Zûl.