Baron Sukumvit Charavask

Sukumvit Charavask is the ruler of the Daroon city of Fang, and the proprietor of its infamous "Deathtrap Dungeon."

Baron Sukumvit Charavask was born the eldest son of Arkat Charavask, who died over 30 years ago. Known for his violent rages and outbursts of vile temper, especially when his judgment is questioned, Sukumvit rules the city with an iron hand.

Despite his tendencies to overreact when opposed and his unpredictable temper, the Baron has gained the grudging respect of the populace, although few can be said to love him. Clearly an intelligent and capable ruler, trade and business has flourished under his rule and few dare oppose the well-trained army he has created.

A well built man of advancing years, Sukumvit still retains the vitality of a man decades younger. He is well muscled and sports an unruly white beard matching his long hair. Icy dark eyes frown from his formidable face, his glare is known to intimidate even the most hardened veteran soldiers. The many battle scars on his body speak of a man who has seen battle dozens of times without flinching.

The Baron's wild, warlike appearance hides a shrewd mind, many of his enemies have discovered too late just how intelligent he really is. His early years were spent under the sharp eye of his father who trained the Baron in the arts of war and diplomacy, trade and negotiation. Sukumvit was often sent to neighbouring countries to negotiate and learn, and occasionally to fight. He has always been a quick learner and is now adept in all these disciplines. Recently, he applied all of these skills to end the long-running war between Chiang-Mai and Kai-Phong; bringing to an end 15 years of violence and bloodshed.

On official occasions, Baron Sukumvit wears the traditional robes of state and a large silver helm surmounted by the skull of a small dragon, with four sharp blades arranged in a star shape on the forehead. The rest of the time he prefers simple unadorned clothes, although they are always of the highest quality.

The Baron's family has always had a history of mental instability, which manifests in his frequent rages. The madness that destroyed the Baron's brother Carnuss, is also apparent in the Baron's son Aronkhon who schemes to gain the Baron's throne. The Baron is well aware of his son's burning ambition to supplant him as ruler of Chiang-Mai and his wild dreams to someday dominate the entire nation of Kurand. The Baron looks upon Aronkhon's schemes with a proud paternal eye; confident that he can thwart any attempt on his life.

The most obvious indication of the Sukumvit's chaotic nature is the Trial of Champions, an enormous dungeon stocked with traps and monsters, its sole purpose to provide grisly entertainment for the Baron.