Sultanate of Khem

The Sultanate of Khem was once a regional power in the Erehui Valley in the late Third Age.

Legend has it; thousands of years ago, the Sultanate of Khem and its city of Zangaro were founded by a heroic figure known as "Kashar;" the first Sultan of the Kashardi people and the person they are named for.

The Sultanate was centered around the magnificent city of Zangaro. This ancient Kashardi city was the grandest and wealthiest city in the known world. It boasted lavish palaces, stone towers, and its citizens were wealthy and prosperous. The city traded with ancient settlements as far away as Ko-Dan and Varistan, and its rulers controlled all of, what is known today as, the Erehui Valley.

Religion was sacred to the Kashardi people of Zangaro and it is known they worshiped a series of Gods from the sea; known as "the Deep Ones." Unfortunately, these sea-dwelling beings worshiped by the Kashardi people may have been the source of their downfall. Legend has it that the Deep Ones became angry with the unbridled pride and greed of the peoples of Zangaro. One night, after a massive celebration, the city went to sleep.

A strange green mist enveloped the city during the darkness and cries and screams were heard throughout the streets. In the morning, a great tidal wave crashed through the entire city; utterly destroying it. The Following day, the entire population of Zangaro had disappeared; not even drowned corpses could be found among the shattered ruins. From that time after, the city ruins have been avoided by the Kashardi people out of fear and superstition.

When the Sultanate and its magnificent city were destroyed by these mysterious events, most written records were lost; therefore little is known of the Kashardi culture today. Several scholars have theorized that these ancient "Deep-Ones," were in fact, the race of Kopru; who may have conquered the city and taken its population as slaves back to their watery realm.

Today, only a few stones and blocks along the shores of the Bloody Coast remain to mark Zangaro's location.