Sasserine: Sunrise District (Patriarch's District)

Nicknamed the Patriarch District, Sunrise District is primarily a residential area of Sasserine similar to the neighboring Cudgel District. Yet the citizens of Sunrise district are generally a bit better off than their neighbors, in no small part due to the fact that many of them have stakes in the numerous plantations that dot the region surrounding Sasserine.

Sunrise’s representative on the Dawn Council is the noble House of Knowlern. Unlike most city nobility, the Knowlerns are half-elven. Lord Aniphastus Knowlern and his family have taken the preservation of the Rockdale region’s wildlands to heart, and the foundation of Sunrise’s Standing Stone Park is one of their proudest achievements.


If you’re from Sunrise, you pride yourself on your even temper, your friendliness, and your optimism. There are certainly a lot of rowdy folk in Sasserine, but most of them avoid Sunrise for one reason or another. You may have a healthy interest in the natural world, in which case you’ve spent long hours exploring the safety of Standing Stone Park. Many who live here work for one of the plantations to the south, either in the fields earning an honest day’s wage or in the plantations themselves as servants or specialists. Most of the people you know worship Ator; God of the Sun, although all of the officially recognized faiths of Sasserine are welcome here.


Notable NPCs:

Aniphastus Knowlern, Gosilar Cleff, Nemien Roblach


Student of Nature [General] The wild has always excited you with its simple beauty and majestic creatures. It is no wonder that many of your talents let you better enjoy the natural world.

Benefit: You get a +1 bonus on Handle Animal, Knowledge (nature), and Survival skill checks. You also get a +2 bonus on Fortitude saving throws to resist special attacks from plant creatures.