Surabar the Spell-Mason

Surabar the Spell-mason was a powerful wizard who founded the city of Caldera over 700 years ago. Even today, he remains a legendary historical figure, whose exploits are known throughout the entire region.

The Long Journey South

Around 800 years ago, Surabar was a wise and powerful wizard, who had given long service to the ancient Kingdom of Ralas as a court wizard.

In recognition of his abilities, Surabar had even been granted the esteemed title of "Spell-Mason," by King Durendil of Ralas.

In the year 553/6, Ralas found itself ravaged by a terrible Civil War.

Surabar, who had long chafed at the idea of serving under the cruel rulership of King Durendil, then made a fateful decision.

He decided to escape the carnage of the conflict and leave his native kingdom forever.

Surabar then resigned his position and joined a group of Ralani pilgrims, led by Viktor Teraknian.

The group soon boarded a small fleet of ships, and departed from the Continent of Corwyn in search of a new home.

The pilgrims made a decision to sail south to the largely un-explored Continent of Azoria, and forge a new community there.

The pilgrims were inspired by earlier expeditions, notably the voyage of Axilar Sanborn; which had led to the founding of the Ralani colony of Kendar, centuries earlier.

It is said that on their long sea-voyage together, Surabar became close friends with Viktor's wife; Lady Sasserine. It has also been rumored, the two may even have become romantically involved.

Disagreements with Viktor Teraknian

Shortly after the colonists sailed into Wyvern Bay, they were attacked by a fierce, Black Dragon named Zelkarune. When Lady Sasserine was slain in the battle between the colonists and that Dragon, Surabar blamed her death on Teraknian's recklessness.


When the majority of the colonists chose Teraknian as the new ruler of the newly founded settlement of Sasserine (named for their fallen heroine), Surabar chose to lead the dissenters inland to found a new settlement of their own.

The Founding of Redgorge

In the year 558/6, Surabar and several hundred loyal followers trekked east into the dense Sanjaara Jungle and founded a new settlement, which became known as Redgorge. Very soon after, Surabar was named as its first leader.

Only a few years after Redgorge was founded, it was raided several times by neighboring tribes of bloodthirsty Gnolls, who dwelt deep in the Sanjaara Jungle. These raids caused much carnage and death among Surabar's folk.

To eradicate this threat, Surabar turned to his closest friends and allies; a Paladin named Kristof Tercival, a warrior named Bryon Taskerhill, a bard named Lavinia Vanderboren, a rogue named Jaros Rhivaldi, and his wizard-apprentice; Khedric Azlaxin.

The six companions then launched a successful expedition which broke the power of the Gnoll tribes and ended the threat to Redgorge forever.

Divine Intervention

According to legend, Surabar was assisted by an Celestial Angel named Nidrama, who came to him in a dream and made him aware that a powerful demon-lord named Nabthatoron was behind the attacks by the local gnoll tribes.

Nidrama also gave Surabar a magical, holy weapon named "Alakast," which he then wielded against the demon-horde. Surabar also used his new-found magical powers to build the massive "Basalt Bastions," a line of fortifications which would keep his people safe and the demonic hordes at bay.

Assault by the Demon-horde

Infuriated by the defeat of his gnoll servants, the demon-lord named Nabthatoron soon marshaled the demons of the Demonskar crater and led them against the pilgrim town of Redgorge.

Soon after the walls of Redgorge were completed, Surabar's brave colonists came under siege from an army of savage demons, personally led by Nabthatoron.


The Legendary Battle between Nabthatoron and Surabar

During the long siege of Redgorge, a fierce, climactic duel between Surabar and Nabthatoron raged atop the walls of Redgorge, with both suffering grievous wounds.

Finally, his spells exhausted and at the limits of his strength, Surabar swung Alakast in a desperate attempt to slay the demon-lord. Amazingly, he managed to strike true, and the powerful fiend fled before him.

When they saw their Lord defeated, the demon horde panicked and retreated back into the Demonskar. According to legend, Surabar pursued Nabthatoron into the Demonskar crater and finally defeated him in his own lair.


Caldera is founded

Surabar returned victorious, but both the settlement of Redgorge and its fortifications had been devastated in the conflict.

Seeking another defensible site, Surabar launched another expedition to explore some nearby ruins, nestled within the bowls of a extinct volcano.

After some brief fighting, the Tasloi tribes infesting those ruins were driven out and, in the year 565/6, the human city of Caldera was founded. Surabar continued to rule over the growing city of Caldera for almost fifty years, before finally dying of extreme old age.

Upon his death, Surabar was secretly entombed under the walls of Redgorge, along with Alakast.

Today, Surabar is seen as the most influential figures in the history of Caldera. Seven hundred years later, people still revere his wisdom and his magical skills.

His historic victory over Nabthatoron and his demon-horde is still celebrated annually at the Demonskar Ball.