Surabar the Spellmason

Surabar the Spellmason was a powerful mage who founded city of Caldera over 700 years ago.

A powerful and wise wizard, Surabar was given the title "Spell-Mason" back when he was court wizard for the Lords of Ralas. Surabar left Ralas during the War of the Celadon, as one of the pilgrims led by Lord Viktor Teraknian. He was a loyal friend of Lady Sasserine and rumored to have been a romantic rival of Viktor Teraknian. When Lady Sasserine was slain in the battle against the Black Dragon Zelkarune, Surabar blamed her death on Teraknian's recklessness. When the majority of the colonists chose Teraknian as their Lord and governor in the newly founded town of Sasserine (named for their fallen heroine), Surabar chose to lead the dissenters inland to found a settlement of their own.

This settlement was known as Redgorge, and Surabar was its first leader. It was not long after the foundation of Redgorge that Surabar became aware that the demon lord Yeenoghu had a great deal of influence among the gnoll tribes in the region. Turning to his greatest friends and allies, including a Paladin named Kristof Tercival, a warrior named Bryon Taskerhill, a powerful bard named Larissa Vanderboren, a rogue named Jaros Rhivaldi, and his closest friend and wizard-apprentice; Khedric Azlaxin, Surabar quickly broke the power of the gnoll tribes and drove them back into the Sanjaara Jungle. These five companions would later become the famous "five families" of Caldera.

Infuriated by the defeat of his worshippers, Yeenoghu sent the Glabrezu known as Nabthatoron to marshal the demons and beasts of the unexplored Demonskar and lead them against the pilgrim town of Redgorge. Seven years of inconclusive warfare raged between Surabar's brave colonists and the savage but unorganized demons of the Demonskar. A fierce duel between Surabar Spellmason and Nabthotoron raged atop the walls of Redgorge, with both suffering grievious wounds. Finally, his spells exhausted and at the limits of his strength, Surabar swung his stafff in a desperate attempt to finish Nabthotoron. Amazingly, he managed to strike true, and the powerful fiend fled before him. With that, the demon hordes broke and returned to the Demonskar - Nabthotoron's weakness would prevent him from being able to organize them ever again.

With the end of the war, Redgorge quickly outgrew its walls. Seeking another defensible city site, Surabar used his magical powers to determine that a nearby volcano was extinct, and the city of Caldera was founded in the bowl of its caldera. Surabar guided the destiny of Caldera and Redgorge for 30 more years before finally dying of old age.

Surabar is seen rightly as the most influential figures in the history of Caldera, and many people still revere his wisdom and magical skill even now, 700 years after his death.