Swordpoint Mountains ("Urkhar Mts.")

The Swordpoint Mountains; also known as the "Urkhar," are located in the far western region of Orrek.

The Swordpoint Mts. are inhabited mainly by dwarves, but also a few human tribes of Vaas barbarians.

The dwarves call these mountains the "Urkhar," named for the ancient Dwarven nation founded there in the year 672 of the Second Age by Kyros the Proud.

The Swordpoint Mountains stretch south from the Myr Thalal coast to the northern tip of the Nolar Vaas. The mountains are bordered on the east by the Kronarwood, and on the west by the Wildlands. Within these massive mountains is the great dwarven city of Thürgen Feyr.

The dwarves of Thürgen Feyr are often at war with numerous orc and goblin tribes that also dwell beneath these mountains. Occasionally these conflicts spill out into the Wildlands, and is not uncommon to see Dwarven war-bands in that region hunting goblins and orcs.