Home Plane: The Abyss
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Domains: Darkness, Death, Evil, Trickery
Portfolio: Vice, Corruption, Thievery, Lust, Greed
Worshippers: Evil priests
Symbol: Cloak
Syneval is Corwyn’s Dark Goddess of Vice and Corruption.

Syneval is the daughter of Nestor; the God of Secrets, who tricked her mortal mother into believing he was her husband, then impregnated her.

Syneval is one of the last generations of Gods, whose lineage is mixed with mortals, giving her enormous powers over the race of men. She is the youngest of the chaotic pantheon, and the final offspring of the immortals.

Syneval is the mistress of all of man’s vices in the world. As such, she is also the Matron-Deity of avarice, thievery, lust, obsession, corruption, and greed.

Her symbol is a great dark purple Cloak; from which she covers the true hidden desires of men throughout the world of Corwyn. Syneval is a cruel Goddess and her followers actively spend their lives corrupting good souls and subverting good intentions into evil ends.

Syneval's followers wear dark purple robes to represent the dark hidden symbols of vice of their mistress, and are usually priests and thieves. Syneval’s followers have erected few temples to the cause of vice, and believe that houses of ill repute and gambling serve the same purpose. The only known temple to Syneval is located in the city of Sarkosa. Syneval’s chief rival is the lawful God Praxis.