Sometimes called the "Wise Thirteen," the Synfari was an ancient council of elven wizards.


In the First Age, the Elder-Elves left Eryn Norvë and sailed across the Wyn Myr to Corwyn. Soon after the elves founded the nation of Ectharë, under the ruler-ship of King Elegheron Alessarë.

The Elven-King then formed a council of thirteen wizards to advise him on important matters. This council, called the "Synfari," was involved in every important project undertaken by the elven kingdom.

Upon encountering the race of dwarves, the Synfari bargained with them to build three great stone cities for the Elder-Elves: Elutheria, Saravôsh, and Selunë.

During this construction period, the elves paid the dwarves handsomely for their efforts, and learned much from them about stone-crafting and weapon-smithing. Those skills would be put to great use in the following years.

Discovery of Mount Orendren

The Synfari were first tested in the War of the Dragons, where the council used its magical powers to defeat Calegorax and his armies.

After the defeat of the dragons, the Elves became the undisputed masters of the continent. Soon after, the Synfari discovered that Mount Orendren was the magical epicenter of Corwyn.

The elves built a large fortress into the base of the mountain to study and harness the potent magical energies derived from its heart. This fortress was called Erôn-Mystarë; the "Castle of the Elements."

Betrayal of the Dwarves

It was this same council that later insulted the dwarves by refusing them the gift of magic, beginning a long history of enmity between the races. The Synfari feared that allowing the secret of magic to be learned by other races was dangerous.

When the race of dwarves asked for the use of magic in their desperate wars against the goblins and orcs, the Synfari refused them. This caused bitterness and resentment between the races that has endured to this day. Today, Dwarves call this decision the "Gravest Insult."


Role in the War of Wrath

The next great test for the Synfari came in the War of Wrath. The war began when an ambitious elvish priestess named Lorynäe Anarivon attempted to usurp the elvish throne of Ectharë. She murdered King Starion Alessarë and tried to take the Eternal Throne for herself.

Her followers then battled with elvish loyalists in the West for many centuries; the elves who rebelled became known as the Dro-vhar; or "Dark-Elves." The Synfari soon realized that the Dark-Elves were breeding a race called the "Gauth," specifically for use as soldiers and slaves.

The Synfari became desperate when they learned that the Dark-Elves were passing on their knowledge of magic to the race of eastern men.

The Synfari responded by establishing the first use of magic among western men. This decision was to have profound consequences.

Founding of the Council of Sorcerë

When the Synfari bestowed the race of man with the knowledge of magic, the Synfari instilled upon them the lesson that its power must be strictly controlled. The Synfari helped create a council of human wizards, based upon their own order.

The Sundering

It must be remembered that around this same time, many cataclysmic events were shaping the Continent of Corwyn. The War of Wrath finally came to an end 1541/2 at the Battle of Grôn, and the greatest of all elven heroes, Elf-king Talarion Brightstar was slain.

Ectharë collapsed and broke into three smaller Elven realms; Wyntharë far to the west, Melinarë in the south, and Thekarë in the north. The Synfari council was broken at this time as well. This event was called "the Sundering" by the elves.

Around this time,, the Synfari hid themselves away in secret sites; Starfall in the Vesarivon Forest, Eryn Verdë in the Silvarwood, and Queyenvalë in the Melinar Forest.

Withdrawal from Corwyn


After the Sundering, the renaming Synfari members became increasingly aloof and mysterious. The High-Elven council now dwells in the beautiful elvish city of Queyenvalë, deep within the Melinar Forest. Today, these Synfari members are part of a secretive order of mages in elvish society. All elvish mages and sorcerers are considered members of this elite and secretive group.

It is said that some Grey-Elf members of the Synfari still dwell the city of Starfall; deep within the mystical forest enclave of Antharë. But most Synfari boarded ships and returned to Eryn Norvë long ago. A small splinter-sect of the Synfari currently rule the island-nation of Greymeet.

Famous Members

One of the most prominent members of the Synfari was Kenarfin.