(population: 39,000) Located in the Nimbor Islands, Syrene is the capital of Nimbor.

This magnificent city is known throughout Oris for its exports of powerful magical potions and elixirs produced by clerics serving its various temples.

As an intensely religious city, Syrene has many great shrines and temples. The largest of these is dedicated to Ak’ Tai; the Vilzari Water Goddess.

Syrene is one of the greatest seaports on the Shining Sea. At any given time, hundreds of vessels can be found in its sprawling harbor, from ports including: Akros, Freeport, Kingsport, Natharos, Pikes Ferry, Rastios, Sathay, Sasserine, the Seven Cities of Bronze, Shard, Tymor, and Vanzali.


As the capital of Nimbor, the city is Matriarchal and is governed by a all-female council of priests.