Creative Credits & Acknowlegments

The world of Corwyn began in the fall of 1994 when I sat at my kitchen table and drew a crude map of my new "world" on a piece of legal paper. Twenty-two years and thousands of hours later, it has finally come to fruition, and exceeded my greatest hopes and expectations.

Like any labor of love, I had a lot of help along the way….

I want to thank my good friends Troy and Patrick; whose helpful suggestions, sage technical advice, and constant words of encouragement fueled my imagination for the world of Corwyn.

To my Cousin Doreen and the fantastic artist Cornelia Yoder; whose amazing skills in graphic arts and map-making were crucial to the artwork that made this project come to life.

And finally, to my wife, Adrienne, who always supported this crazy idea of mine and patiently endured many lonely nights as her husband endlessly toiled away at the computer.

Thank you all so much!!!


June, 2016