The Taint

The Taint is a magical infection that aflicts the people of the East. It was caused by Ashfall; a period of 100 years of black rain and darkness that covered most of eastern Corwyn following the destruction of the city of Saravôsh.

When Saravôsh was destroyed, horrific magical energies were unleashed, causing "Ashfall," a dark force of nature called which poisoning the region forever.

One of the unexpected results of Ashfall was its effects on the peoples living in the region. This became known as "the Taint." All Dark-Elves dwelling in the Darklands began to change their appearance; their skin turned black, their hair was bleached white, and they could no longer tolerate sunlight.

Soon after, the Dark-Elves began to migrate underground, mostly through the huge Grôn Chasm.

Even today, all living beings dwelling in the Darklands, suffer from the Taint; although to a much lesser degree. Sometimes the Saugreth peoples are known as "the Tainted Ones."

Even today, the entire Gauth race is infected with the Taint, as are the Adari; although to a lesser extent.