King Talarion Alessarë "Brightstar"

Talarion Alessarë; known as "Brightstar," was the ninth and last Elf-King of Ectharë, the son of King Ismelian, and the grandson of King Starion. He is considered the greatest hero of the Silvar-Elves.

As the Crown Prince Ectharë, Talarion fought in many battles during the War of Wrath and won countless victories against the hated Drow. In the year 735/2, he was badly wounded in a skirmish and was unable to accompany his father on the campaign against the Drow city of Saravôsh.

Ironically, this wound prevented him from being killed along with his father in that terrible battle.

He assumed ruler ship of Ectharë in the year 736/2, after his father was slain in the Battle of Saravôsh and swore vengeance upon the Drow.

For centuries thereafter, Talarion led the Silvar-Elves in their war against the Dark-Elves and their Gauth allies. He won many battles, wielding his famous sword; "Glimmersteel."

His greatest achievement came in the year 1542/2, at the epic battle of Grôn. Although Talarion was slain in this battle, he was able to achieve a decisive victory over the Dark-Elves. Sadly, his sword was lost to history.

Today, Talarion is considered a legendary figure, and tales of his glorious exploits in the War of Wrath are passed down by the elves to every new generation.

The Sundering

Unfortunately, the unity of the Silvar-Elves died along with Talarion Brightstar. After his death, the three senior surviving leaders of the Silvar-Elves grew apart and eventually divided into three distinct groups. In ancient elvish lore, this tragic event is called the Sundering.

The three elven leaders were: