King Talarion Alessarë "Brightstar"

Talarion Alessarë; known as "Brightstar," was an ancient King of the Silvar-Elves and the greatest elvish warrior in history. Talarion was the son of Ismelian, and the grandson of Starion.

Talarion Brighstar was the ninth and last Elf-King of Ectharë, and the greatest of all elvish Corwyn heroes. He is considered almost a deity by the High-Elves, and tales of his exploits in the War of Wrath are legendary among all Elvish-folk. Talarion assumed ruler ship of Ectharë in 736/2, after his father Ismelian was slain in the Battle of Saravôsh.

For centuries thereafter, Talarion led the Silvar-Elves in their war against the Dark-Elves and their Gauth allies. Talarion won many battles and is remembered in Elvish lore, wielding his famous sword; "Glimmersteel." His greatest achievement was the final victory in 1542/2, at the great battle of Grôn. Talarion was slain in this battle, despite his great victory over the Dark-Elves. His body and carried back to Ectharë, but his sword was lost to history.

Unfortunately, the unity of the Silvar-Elves died along with Talarion Brightstar. After Talarion's death, the three senior surviving leaders of the Silvar-Elves grew apart and eventually divided into three distinct groups. In ancient elvish lore, this tragic event is called the Sundering.

The three elven leaders were: