(825/6) Sometimes called the "Battle of the Blackened Fields," Talissen was the site of an epic battle, which ended the Forgotten War.

The battle was fought between an alliance of Gwynne and several Ashanti tribes, against an enormous army of orcs sent from Drakhara.

The Gwynnish and their Ashanti allies were victorious; and for a short time the Thannish people of Gwynne and the Ashanti people were at peace.

The nickname of "Battle of the Blackened Fields," derives from the fact that the orcs burned whole swaths of northern Gwynne during the war, including the massive Bronzewood Forest.

The site where the two armies clashed was a vast morass of burnt trees and blackened grass. Today, there is a stone monument on the battlefield, dedicated to King Galiron; who was slain during the battle.