Valencio Dynasty

The Valencio Dynasty was the line of rulers descended from King Theos, who assumed the Iron Throne of Eldara in 422/5, after the death of King Ragnar Arellani II during the First Vilzari War.

The House of Valencio ruled Eldara for 199 years and a total of nine monarchs occupied Castle Ironfist. The Dynasty ended in 621/5 when King Aden was slain during the Siege of Arynäe. The family was succeeded by King Damion Irazadi, whose descendants still rule Eldara today.

The nine Valencio monarchs of Eldara are listed below:

Theos 422-436/5 †
Dareon 436-464/5
Agathar 464-491/5
Raynald 491-539/5 †
Hagen 539-555/5 †
Argilac 555-581/5
Damion 581-602/5 †
Morgan 602-618/5
Aden 618-621/5 †