(pop: 1,200) Located on the Isle of Dread, The large village of Tanaroa is one of the Olman Seven and an ally of Farshore.

As the most militarily powerful Olman village, Tanaroa contributes the largest share of warriors to the defense of The Wall, and enjoys much influence with the other six villages spread across the Isle.

The diplomatic decisions of Tanaroa have been somewhat of a bellwether for those of the other six villages; although this may change in the future with the arrival of new foreign interests to the Isle.

Tanaroa’s warrior tradition is almost sacred among its villagers, and the warrior tradition is passed down from father to son. Tanaroan warriors are, by far, the fiercest Olman warriors found on the Isle of Dread.

Culturally, the Village is divided into four seperate "Clans," each named for a distinct animal. These four are the Tiger, Elk, Hawk, and Sea-turtle.

Tanaroa is presently ruled by Chief J'kal and his witch-doctor; Mvembi.