Lost City of Tanif

A once great, but now ruined Shorafi city that was consumed by the desert in a terrible sandstorm in the year 430 of the Fourth Age. Now only a few spires and towers can be seen from the great sand dunes that cover the ruins of the city. It is said that many brave adventurers have perished exploring its ruins, and that some civilization still dwells there deep below the sandy surface. Few sages know that once this city was capital of an ancient lost civilization called Shorafa, and that the Shorafi people built this city. That civilization died out long ago and the Vilzari took over the region and dwelt there for many centuries. This city is also the rumored burial place of the Shorafi Sky-Pharoah; Hakotep.

Currently, the small Vilzari settlement of Wati has arisen outside the gates of the ruined city.