Tar Vielca

(Population: 94,000) Tar Vielca is a large independent city-state located on Narrow Isle, west of the continent of Avokhar; infamous for its long history of sea raiding and conquest, and as the home of the notorious Corsairs.

Long ago, the city was an important colony of the Eloysian Empire, but after the fall of that empire, its culture became a hybrid of both Vilzari and Eloysian cultures and traditions. The Corsairs of Tar Vielca have always been a fierce and aggressive people. What they couldn’t build or create, they simply took from others. The City-State has long been associated with piracy, where it is not a crime but rather an honor to steal and pillage from others. Tar Vielcan pirates are legendary for both their cruel raids throughout the sea lanes and their legendary seamanship.

The ships of Tar Vielca are distinguishable by their black-painted hulls and black sails, emblazoned with a large green metallic fish.

It is said that Shah Khofhar Sateri, the current ruler of Tar Vielca, has a force of over 250 Corsair vessels at his disposal, and an army of nearly 50,000 men under his command.

The coat of arms of Narrow Isle consists of a green fish on a black field. Today, Tar Vielca is ruled by Shah Khofhar Sateri; who commands a force of over 250 Corsair vessels and an army of nearly 20,000 men.



Long ago, the most notorious raider in Corwyn's history; The legendary Pirate-King hailed from this city-state. For many years the Pirate King and his great fleet of Corsair Ships raided both Rennsfar and Serathyr; triggering the First, the Second War of the Saltmarsh, and finally, the War of the Corsairs. The Pirate-King was finally defeated a the Battle of Rastios in the year 1244/4; but during that battle King Malenvar Sanborn III was lost as well, ending the Sanborn Dynasty