Freehold of Taraghon

Capitol: Conroy (population: 5,000)
Population: 46,000 (87% Thann, 10% Üthrari, 3% other)
Demi-humans: 5,000 (78% dwarves, 8% elves, 6% halflings, 8% gnomes)
Humanoids: few
Government: Freehold
Current Leader: Viscount Gregor Sarkozy
Coat of Arms: a yellow and black field with three diagonal red roses
Imports: vegetables, grain, livestock, slaves
Exports: timber, copper, weapons

Originally founded by the Taraghon family, Taraghon is a large freehold of Gwynne, located in the inhospitable forest known as the Knifewood. The freehold guards the Stoneway and keeps an eye on the Üthrari to the east.

The Gwynnish kings allow the freehold autonomy in return for large tithes from its copper mines, rich forests, and its promise to help guard the eastern border of the kingdom. This task is not difficult, for the Knifewood is a harsh natural obstacle, with razor sharp thorn bushes and poisonous vines infesting its undergrowth. No large army can easily make its way through the dense forest without it being known long in advance by the Gwynnish kings in Ashara. The freehold is home to several evil wizards who have their own enclaves in dark valleys in secluded regions near the Knifewood. The soldiers of the freehold are well trained Gwynnish mercenaries, equipped with the finest weaponry. A large force of nearly 1,200 soldiers is available to the Viscount at any time.