Taraghon Dynasty

The Taraghon Dynasty was a line of Thannish rulers descended from King Gorion; who assumed rulership of Gwynne in the year 263/6, after the execution of King Garrett Baldurin, whom Gorion’s forces had captured late in the Gwynnish Civil War.

The House of Taraghon ruled the Kingdom for 411 years and a total of fourteen monarchs sat upon the Crimson Throne at Castle Manticore.

The Dynasty ended in 674/6 when King Gheren III was slain in the Battle of Krell. He was succeeded by King Garathar Eridani, whose descendants still rule Gwynne today.

The fourteen Taraghon monarchs of Gwynne are listed below:

Gorion 263-289/6
Gheren 289-322/6
Glendon 322-348/6 †
Gayorg 348-375/6
Gerion II 375-402/6
Garyld 402-431/6
Galen 431-456/6
Gheren II 456-484/6
Garathar 484-521/6 †
Godrenn 521-559/6
Grenn 559-585/6
Galen II 585-609/6 †
Garrett 609-642/6
Gheren III 642-674/6 †