Emperor Tariq Kharata

Emperor Tariq Kharata; known as "Khali the Deceiver," was the thirty-second ruler of the Eloysian Empire, and the conqueror of the city-state of Khalifar.

Tariq was the grandson of Emperor Abu-Malik II. Under his grandfather's rule, the young Tariq was sent to Za'har, along with thousands of other Eloysians warriors to fight in the Shining Crusade against the Demon-hordes of Urgon. Tariq fought alongside Arazni at the climactic Battle of Three Sorrows, in which Arazni was slain and Urgon defeated. With this great victory the Riftwars came to an end.

The city-state of Khalifar was extremely weakened by these wars, and the famed Knights of the Triskelion were but a shadow of their former strength. It was then that the young Prince Tariq saw an opportunity to bring yet another conquest to his house and further expand the empire. Tariq stayed in Khalifar for many years, gaining popularity and learning the city's politics. He sailed for Avokhar in the year ?? upon learning his father ; Emperor ?? was deathly ill. Upon his fathers death in the year ?? Tariq himself became emperor.

He then began to bring his plans to conquer Khalifar into fruition. The famed Saffron Legion, which Tariq had convinced the city governors to deploy to supplement the Knights of the Triskelion, were secretly working from him and ready to overthrow the city.