King Tarxian of Oriad

Tarxian was a powerful ruler of the City-State of Oriad who was defeated by Al'Dur Kharata during the Tarxian Wars of AR 003

During his reign, King Tilvanos of Eloysia dominated all his neighbors and forced thme ot pay tribute to avoid military invasion. Upon his death, Queen Lorica assumed rulership over the Kingdom of Eloysia. She expected neighboring kingdoms to abide by treaties her father had created.

King Tarxian of Oriad refused to honor these agreements because he believed Lorica was a weak ruler. When Lorica deid, her son; Al'Dur came to power. Tarxian believed he could crush the so-called "boy-king" and destroy the power of Eloysia.

Tarxian then foolishly declared war upon Eloysia, beginning the so-called "Tarxian Wars". Al'Dur's armies swiftly defeated the armies of Oriad. King Tarxian was ultimately slain in battle and his city was captured and sacked by the Eloysians in the year AR 006.