Tarxian Wars

The Tarxian Wars were a successful series of military campaigns waged by the young Emperor Al'Dur Kharata, as he expanded the newly-founded Eloysian Empire.

The Tarxian Wars were named after King Tarxian of the City-State of Oriad, which was a strong regional power south of Sanjakar.

King Tarxian openly defied the treaties set forth by Queen Lorica several years earlier.

The city state of Oriad was joined by King Satiro of the city-State of Eriskhar, who deployed his forces in a desperate and futile effort to contain the Eloysian threat. The wars began in the year AR 003 and ended in AR 008.

King Tarxian was ultimately slain in the Battle of Kesh-Tekhol and his city was captured and sacked by the Eloysians in the year AR 006.

King Satiro was wiser and two years later in AR 008, bent the knee and surrendered his city of Eriskhar to Al'Dur.