Tasloi are small lizard-like humanoids that populate the great Sanjaara Jungle of Avokhar.

Their skin is greenish-grey; with thin, black hair. Their eyes are yellow and cat-like. Most Tasloi stand about four feet tall. They wear ragged clothing and leather armor, and are proficient with blowgun, spears, and shieldd. Tasloi have historically been a slave race for the Eloysians of Avokhar.

Now that the Eloysian Empire is a distant memory, the Tasloi tribes have returned in greater number to their holds in the deep recesses of the Sanjaara Jungle. Many thousands are still captured by slaver expeditions from the Seven Cities of Brass, to be sold as slaves along the coasts and city-states of Corwyn, Avokhar, and Za'har, as well as the island kingdoms of the Vhan Myr.