Tekritian League

The Tekritian League was an ancient alliance of six loosely affiliated city-states. The League was named for Tekrit; the largest and most influential of the six cities.

The League was founded in the Second Age, and for much of its existence was at odds with Shorafa. After a series of wars with Shorafa, The League was destroyed around the year 800 of the Third Age, and its six cities were all destroyed . Much of the territory of the league is now southern Eldara, and its culture is dominantly Thannish not Shorafi.

The six Member Cities of the Tekritian League were:

  • Tekrit; today the Eldaran city of Kingsport. (first city and capitol of League)
  • Sorna; today the Eldaran city of Southcliff.
  • Magarai; today the Eldaran city of Sathay.
  • Khadam; today only ruins.
  • Khös; today only ruins.
  • Arad; today only ruins.