Tekritian League

The Tekritian League was an ancient alliance of six loosely affiliated city-states. It was named for Tekrit; the largest and most influential city.

The League was founded in the Second Age, and for much of its existence was at odds with Shorafa.

After a series of wars with Shorafa, The League was destroyed around the year 800 of the Third Age, and all six of its cities were either destroyed or captured.

The present-day Kingdom of Eldara encompasses much of the former territory of the League and the regional culture is dominantly Thannish not Shorafi.

The six Member Cities of the Tekritian League were:

  • Tekrit; today the Eldaran city of Kingsport. (first city and capital of League)
  • Sorna; today the Eldaran city of Southcliff.
  • Magyar; today the Eldaran city of Sathay.
  • Khadam; today only ruins.
  • Khös; today only ruins.
  • Arad; today only ruins.