Telios DeLorca

Telios DeLorca was an obscure Iskari sage who wrote of his journey at the end of the Third Age, when he traveled across the Wyn Myr as part of the great fleet of Ilnavel.

His journal contained detailed information on the Iskari Empire, Skyfall, and the Runelords of Iskandar. The Journal of Telios Delorca; a large tome, was kept in the Cyrendari Royal Archives at Wyn Falas, and was a favorite book of the young scholar Brodert Quink.

Brodert's theories about the Runelords, were largely based on this book. Specifically Brodert believed the references that DeLorca made in his journal to a man named "Rorskan," whom DeLorca claimed to have seen alive on Corwyn, long after the fall of the empire. Rorskan was believed to be an apprentice of the Runelord Karzoug, and if the story of his survival was true, it would have meant that the Runelords and their magic powers indeed made their way over to Corwyn after the Doom of Iskandar.

After reading DeLorca's ancient journal, Brodert began espousing his own controversial theories about the survival of the Runelords on Corwyn. As a result, he was asked to leave the Archives forever. Soon after, Brodert took his favorite book and departed for Sandpoint.