Duke Teraxas Strongfist

Teraxas Strongfist was a powerful Cynaran ruler of the Duchy of Cynara, who, in the year 1068/4, rebelled against the Kingdom of Iskandar, triggering the Iskari Civil War.

In the year 1068/4, King Ilcanar Cyrenäe II of Iskandar was poisoned by Alokkair’s agents, leaving no rightful heir, and Foehammer; the King's Elanthir sword was stolen from Erôn-Wyntharë.

At that time, the Duchy of Cynara was led by Lord Teraxas Strongfist, a powerful Cynaran noble who resented his Iskari overlords.

Fueled by Alokkair’s treachery, Lord Teraxas, along with the Dukes of Rhoyden and Vharia, rebelled against the Onyx Throne, sparking the bloody Iskari Civil War. For the next twenty years, a terrible conflict raged between the opposing factions before King Irenicus Blackburn finally crushed the rebellion was in the year 1087/4.

Fate of House Strongfist

By the war's end, Duke Teraxas Strongfist was captured and both of his sons were slain in battle. King Irenicus later ordered Teraxas to be executed, destroying House Strongfist forever.

He then divided the island into the three smaller Duchies, called: "Cynara," "Deroshar," & "Silverdeep." Afterward, all three were ruled by loyal, hand-picked Iskari Lords.