Tetragon Penrose

Tetragon Penrose was an ancient ruler of Dorada who fought heroically in the Battle of Harkalad; he later became a sworn Paladin and founded the order of the Silver Ravens.

Tetragon hailed from the Freehold of Dorada, and during the period of the Ravinian Empire, was the patriarch of the House of Penrose. He was also a fiercely religious paladin and a devout follower of the Goddess Shua. In the months following the Battle of Harkalad, while Tetragon was on campaign to drive the last of the Eastern hordes from the West, he met Grand Bishop Deriyan Montessarë.

Deriyan had a vision to form a new nation that would be ruled by the teaching and principles of Shua. Tetragon desired this as well, but saw himself as a servant not a leader. He decided to form an order of knights that would loyally serve this goal and protect it and its people from harm.

Tetragon used his noble influence to convince the other leaders of Dorada to cede their territory to the new realm, and by 26/6, the new Realm of Derianor was born, even though Deriyan did not live to see it. After the Cataclysm, Tetragon gave up all his lands and founded an order of knights that would uphold the ideals of the Raven Knights of the Ravinian Empire.

They became known as the Silver Ravens, and their order was named for Lord Tetragon. His order became based at his family castle; the famous Blue Keep and has remained there ever since.