Thalen Penrose

Thalen Penrose was the last ruler of the Freehold of Dorada and the founder of the Silver Ravens.

As the last Patriarch of the House of Penrose, Thalen ruled Dorada during the final years of the Ravinian Empire. He was a brave knight and a devout follower of the Goddess Shua. Thalen survived the terrible Battle of Harkalad, and later led the campaign to drive the last of the Eastern hordes from the West.

Around the time that the Empire was collapsing, Thalen was contacted by Grand Bishop Deriyan Montessarë, who had a vision to form a new nation that would be ruled by the teaching and principles of Shua and Berevrom. Thalan decided to serve this lofty goal.

Thalen used his influence to convince the leadership of Dorada to cede their territory to the new realm, and in the year 26/6, the new Realm of Derianor was born.


As part of his oath to the new Order, Thalen gave up all his lands and swore to spend the remainder of his life upholding the ideals of the fallen Ravinian Empire. He and his fellow knights became known as the "Silver Ravens," and made their home at the Blue Keep, where the Order still resides today.