Lost Kingdom of Thalar

Thalar was the first united Thaldain nation on Corwyn, located in the frozen Northern Peninsula.

Thalar was founded by King Algerd Marothë in 27/4, who had previously received a Elanthir sword from the Council of Sorcerë. Under King Algerd, the kingdom of Thalar rapidly expanded south to reach the borders of Amar.

The capital of Thalar was the large city of El-Gerath, which was located in a deep valley south of the Sable Mountains. A hundred miles west of the capitol was its sister city of Al-Enoth.

Both cities were fine examples of Thaldain architecture and culture, but the Thaldain kings actually ruled their nation from the Crystal Throne, which was located within the ancient fortress of Sol-Kathad, located far to the east.

The Thaldain were friendly with the northern elves of the Silvarwood, who named the humans of the Northern Peninsula the "Thalal." The kingdom thrived on trade and mining of rich ores and gems for many centuries, and the weather in the region was even pleasant, except in the winter months.

This all changed in 785/4. At this time, a mysterious period of bleak and violent weather began to envelope the Northern Peninsula.


This four decades of wind and snow came to be called the Storm of the North, and lasted forty years.

Some sages believe the Storm of the North was caused by Alokkair as part of his master plan to destroy the entire West to avenge his earlier defeat in the War of the Elanthir.

Other scholars have theorized that the storm was actually a magical cover for a Drow invasion of the kingdom.

Still others believe the terrible storm was created by the infamous Witch-Queen, Baba Yaga, who was angry with rulers of Thalar over an old insult and desired vengeance against the Thaldain people.

Regardless of the actual cause, all sages agree, that by the time the great Storm had subsided in the year 825/4, the kingdom of Thalar had been obliterated, along with its two largest cities of El-Gerath and Al-Enoth.

The last king of Thalar; Edgerd Marothë III, was slain around this same time and his Elanthir was captured. The fortress of Sol-Kathad became a stronghold for dark forces at this time as well.

The realm of Thalar collapsed into several small, competing fiefdoms that would remain bitterly divided until united many years later by Kren Alaghon.

Thalar’s coat of arms consisted of three snow-capped mountains of brown and white, under three yellow stars, on a pale grey field.

The kingdom of Thalar encompassed the territories of what are today the realm of Marundi and the Northern Wastes.