Lost Kingdom of Thalar

Located in the Northern Peninsula, Thalar was the first Thaldain nation on Corwyn.

Thalar was founded in the year 27 of the Fourth Age, by King Algerd Marothë, who was the leader of a Thaldain ethnic group known as the Hüornen. Under his leadership, the kingdom rapidly expanded and within a few decades controlled most of the Northern Peninsula.

The capital of Thalar was Al-Enoth, a beautiful city located in a high valley, surrounded by waterfalls and glacial streams. The Kings of Thalar ruled the Kingdom from the magnificent fortress of Frosthaven, which was located in the center of the capital. For centuries, the Thaldain rulers sat upon the Crystal Throne, which was located in the castle's Great Hall.

For centuries, the people of Thalar prospered from exports of rich ores and gems, largely mined from the Sable Mountains.

The desolate, eastern regions of the kingdom were governed by Thaldain lords who took as their stronghold, an ancient elvish fortress called Sol-Kathad.

Thalar’s coat of arms consisted of three snow-capped mountains of brown and white, under three yellow stars, on a pale grey field.

Destruction of the Kingdom

In the year 785/4, a mysterious period of violent and bitterly cold weather began to envelope the Northern Peninsula. It lasted forty years, and came to be known as the "Storm of the North."

Some sages believe the terrible weather was caused by Alokkair as part of his master plan to avenge his earlier defeat in the War of the Elanthir, while others believe the storm was sent by the infamous Witch-Queen; Baba Yaga, who was angry with rulers of Thalar over an old insult and desired vengeance against the Thaldain people.

Regardless of the actual cause, by the time the great storm had subsided in the year 825/4, the kingdom of Thalar had collapsed, and most of its people had either frozen to death or been forced to flee.

For several centuries, the region remained bitterly divided until it was united under King Kren Alaghon, who formed a new nation called "Marundi."

Loss of the Elanthir

For their bravery in the wars against Alokkair, the Saar gave one of the seven Elanthir swords to the House of Marothë, and it was passed down for generations as a family heirloom.

When the Storm of the North struck Thalar, its last ruler; King Edgerd Marothë III, fled the city of Al-Enoth and took refuge within the ancient fortress of Sol-Kathad. When the castle was overcome during the storm, the sword was lost forever. Its present whereabouts remain a mystery.