Thalar Islands

The Thalar Islands are a desolate island chain located in the frigid Myr Thalal.

Due to the harsh, northern climate, the islands are sparsely inhabited, except for scattered communities of fierce, bloodthirsty barbarians known as the Variags.

The islands are offshore from the present kingdom of Marundi, but were once considered part of the lost kingdom of Thalar.


The Variags who dwell on these islands are ethnically similar to the Sköda people, but their manner and customs are very different, and much more violent.

For centuries, the Variags have raided and plundered the Frozen Coast of both the Myr Thalal and the Sea of Vaas. The Raiders rape, plunder, and murder with an almost frenzied glee.

The mere sighting of one of their infamous Dragon-ships, send most coastal communities into sheer panic.