Thalion Palace

The Thalion Palace was once the remote winter retreat of Empress Ravinia, built during the early days of the Ravinian Empire. It is located on the secluded Volnar Isle, in the Sea of Ralas.

This enormous, opulent palace is built into a hillside, overlooking both a waterfall and a lush woodland valley. As befitting a royal residence, the palace was built with exotic marble and set with many gems.

The Empire kept the location of the palace a secret, and chose its remote location for both its scenic beauty and protection of the Empress. Due to these factors, the structure has remained in its original pristine condition, even though it is nearly 1,700 years old.

Today, the palace grounds are used by a mysterious sect of mages called the "Order of the Purple Feather," whereas the remainder of the island is under the control of the Kingdom of Rennsfar. In the valley below the palace is a large human settlement also called "Thalion", which has a population of about 5,000 souls. Back in the heyday of the Imperial era, this town was many times larger than its present size.