King Tharan Arvedui "The Strong"

(733-947/2) Tharan Arvedui; known as "The Strong," was a powerful Dwarf-King who founded the dwarf-realm of Khûrzhad.

Tharan of the Arvedui Clan founded Khûrzhad; the first southern Dwarf-realm in 880/2. The Arvedui Clan continued to rule the realm from their city of Orthan Feyr until 884/3. That year a terrible earthquake called the Great Rift, completely destroyed the city of Orthan Feyr, and plunged it into the Sea of Ralas. The last Dwarf-King of Khûrzhad was Thorabard Arvedui, known as the "drowned king." Along with the king, one of the five Elatir was lost beneath the waves as well.