(population: 36,000) Located along a narrow inlet on the Lost Coast of the Sea of Vaas, Tharnia is the fifth largest city in the kingdom of Iskandar.

This bustling Iskari seaport is the wealthiest trade center on the northern shores of Westvale Island.

Although most traffic comes by ship, Tharnia is also accessible on land via the Lost Coast Road; which connects it to the city of Herronford, and the Tharnia Road; which connects it to Castle Redmond.

Today, Duke Imrahil Belsey. rules both the city of Tharnia and the Duchy of Rhoyden.

Local History

In ancient times, Tharnia was an important city in the Cynaran kingdom of Urland. In fact, this city is named for a famous Cynaran hero named "Thar the Mighty."

As the city grew, it became the seat of the Cynaran Thaindom of Rhoyden, and served as an important administrative division within the Kingdom of Urland.

At the end of the Forty-Years War, Edelbert; the last Cynaran Thain of Rhoyden, surrendered to the Iskari forces of King Ilnavel Cyrenäe. The Iskari disbanded the Thaindom and created the "Duchy of Rhoyden" in its place, and the House of Bracken was chosen to rule.

The Iskari Civil War

In the year 1068/4, King Ilcanar Cyrenäe II of Iskandar was poisoned by Alokkair’s agents, leaving no rightful heir, and Foehammer; the King's Elanthir sword was stolen from Erôn-Wyntharë.

At that time, the Duchy of Rhoyden was led by Lord Varek Bracken, a powerful Cynaran noble who resented his Iskari overlords.

Fueled by Alokkair’s treachery, Lord Varek, along with the Dukes of Cynara and Vharia, rebelled against the Onyx Throne, sparking the bloody Iskari Civil War. For the next twenty years, a terrible conflict raged between the opposing factions before King Irenicus Blackburn finally crushed the rebellion was in the year 1087/4.


Fate of House Bracken

By the war's end, Varek and three of his four sons were slain in battle, and King Ikharos ordered his last son to be exiled to the Isle of Renthara, destroying House Bracken forever.

Ikharos then broke House Bracken’s massive holdings into three smaller Duchies, called: "Dhalhurst," "Hennara," and “Rhoyden,” all three of which were ruled by hand-picked Iskari Lords loyal to the throne.

The ancient fortress of Castle Bracken; the family’s ancestral home, still sits atop a broad hill overlooking the city. For centuries, the fortress has been home to the powerful House of Belsey.