(population: 36,000) Tharnia is the fifth largest city in the kingdom of Cyrendar, located along a narrow inlet on the Lost Coast of the Sea of Vaas.

This bustling Iskari seaport is the wealthiest trade center on the northern shores of Westvale Island.

Although most traffic comes by ship, Tharnia is also accessible on land via the Lost Coast Road; which connects it to the city of Krylnath, and the Tharnia Road; which connects it to Castle Redmond.


In ancient times, Tharnia was an important colony of the Cynaran kingdom of Urland. In fact, this city was named for a famous Cynaran hero named "Thar the Mighty."

At the end of the Forty-Years War, the Cynaran Lord of the city surrendered to the Iskari forces of King Ilnavel Cyrenäe and it has been ruled by Iskari overlords oever since.

The city is currently governed by Duke Imrahil Belsey.