The Barrens

Population: 307,000 (55% Vaas, 48% Amari, 7% other)
Demi-humans: 57,000 (89% dwarves, 7% halflings, 3% gnomes, 1% elves)
Humanoids: many (mostly orcs, goblins)
Government: various baronies, freeholds, independent settlements
Current Leader: none
Coat of Arms: varies
Imports: wool, livestock, grain, textiles
Exports: iron, gems, crafts, silver, gold

The Barrens is a wild and ungoverned region, located south of the Frozen Coast of Corwyn, eastof the Axehead Mountains, and west of Dragon Sound.

The western border of the Barrens is the Axehead Mountains, and the eastern border is Dragon Sound. The northern border of the Barrens is the coast of the Myr Thalal, and its southern border is the large Amari River. Essentially, the Barrens are surrounded on three sides by water, and on one side by towering mountains.

The region is bordered on the west by the Dwarf-realm of Orrek, but since the dwarves usually dwell in the mountains, the rolling plains of the Barrens are not desirable to them. Over time, both humans and goblins migrated here and set up small communities and either lived in harmony with the mountain-dwelling dwarves or in strong opposition to them. Much of the northern Barrens are made up of rocky foothills, with many hollowed out caverns.

These caverns are infested with goblins, and are deadly to travelers in the vicinity. Over the centuries, many wars and skirmishes have been fought between the dwarves and the goblins tribes of the northern hill caverns. It is not uncommon in this region to see war-bands of Dwarves coming out of Arkan Feyr in search of goblins. Most recently, a great battle between dwarves and goblins was fought in this region, at Pelegroth Valley. The only governed region is the Freehold of Galador; located on the western coast of Dragon Sound. The High Road traverses the Barrens between the dwarven city of Arkan Feyr and the seaport of Northam.