The Divine Winds

Long ago, the Eloysian Empire of Azoria, led by Emperor Hozni Kharata attempted two major invasions of Yamada in AR 625 and AR 645. However, on both occasions, a massive typhoon (tropical cyclone) obliterated the imperial fleet, forcing the attackers to abandon their plans and fortuitously saving Yamada from foreign conquest. The Yamadans believe the typhoons had been sent from their protector; Kazumodo, to protect them from their enemies and called them "the Divine Winds"

Following the successful conquest of the island nations of Al'Kethai, Ilsenene, Malvatis, Rhaygos, and Styr by AR 497, the Eloysian Emperors began to look toward Yamada for yet another glorious conquest. For several years, Emperor Hozni sent numerous messages to the Shogun of Yamada demanding that the Yamadans submit to the Eloysian Empire or face invasion. However, the messages were never returned.

The Emperor became furious that he never received a reply from the Yamadans or their Shogun, who he referred to as ‘ruler of a insignificanrt country’, and he vowed to invade Yamada. The Eloysian set to work on building an enormous fleet of warships and recruited thousands of warriors from all across the empire.

Five invasions from the Empire of Shang-Zhou

According to local myth, the ancient Daroon Empire of Shang-Zhou attempted to invade Yamada on five different occasions. Each invasion fleet was wrecked by the Divine Winds and the powers of Kazumodo.

The First Eloysian Invasion of Yamada

In the year AR 625, the Eloysians launched their first invasion of Yamada, which has become known as the Battle of Kan'e. An estimated 500 vessels and 60,000 warriors, mostly conscripts, reached the shores of Tokaro Bay where the fleet anchored and prepared to land the next day. That night, a powerful typhoon struck, as the fleet lay at anchor in Tokaro Bay. By daybreak, only a few dozen ships remained. The rest were destroyed, taking the lives of thousands of Eloysian soldiers with them.

The Second Eloysian Invasion of Yamada

While the Yamadans had a lucky escape in AR 643, it was not over yet. The Eloysian Emperor Hozni was now more determined than ever to conquer Yamada. He worked hard to rebuild his fleet and recruit ever greater numbers of warriors, including tens of thousands of savage troglodytes, gnolls, and Qualons. In addition to Hozni's human and humanoid troops, thousands of mercenaries were also hired.

Seven years later, the Eloysians returned with an enormous fleet of 1,700 ships and an estimated 125,000 soldiers. However, once again, a massive typhoon hit the fleet as it sailed north toward Yamada, wrecking the fleet and once again foiling the invasion attempt. It is estimated that as many as 150,000 soldiers and sailors drowned in this massive storm. Only a few thousand survivors made it to shore, where they were promptly massacred by the waiting Yamadans.

After these two stunning disasters, the Eloysian Empire never again tried to invade Yamada, nor any other far-away lands. They had become superstitiously fearful of long sea-voyages.