The East

The East is, as a whole, a dark, corrupt, and evil region of Corwyn.

This region is home to powerful evil wizards, dark knights, savage barbarians, hordes of cruel orcs, and home of the Dark Gods. The East is separated from the West by the vast Saugreth-Muir Mountain range. The East is bordered on the north by the great Olgara River and the Khorlann Steppes. The East is separated from the Far East by the Olgara and Zorath Rivers. The eastern border of the East is the Vakara Grasslands. The East consists of four major regions; the Darklands, the Direwood, the Kratheri Peninsula, and the Kûrloth Marshes. The East also consists of three major political divisions; Morgoth, Üthrar, and Thûle, as well as the City-States of Khorlanis and Sarkosa.