The Far East

Beyond the Darklands, and the sorcerer’s realm of Morgoth lies the Far East; a region entirely different from any other on the continent of Corwyn.

This enormous geographic region is known as the Far East. It is separated from the West by the Darklands region which lies between them. The region is inhabited by two races of men; the Daroon and the Hakeen. The Far East is divided into a few distinct regions; the Direwood, a great woodland in its western edge, a desolate region of small mountains known as the Forbidden Hills, a vast grassland region known as the Vakara Grasslands, and the region known as the Savage Lands, home to the realm of Kurand. Little is known of this region generally, and its cultures and customs are virtually unknown to any western men, except seafarers who may have visited its ports along the Vhan Myr coast. The only political divisions in the Far East are the realm of Kurand and the City-State of Zhin.