The Malkar

(SEE ENTRY FOR THE CORWYN PANTHEON) The Immortals; or Malkar were created by the Unnamed One or ‘Great Maker,’ and there are three major branches; the lawful Malkar, the Chaotic Malkar, and the Neutral Malkar. In addition to branches based on ideology, the Malkar have seven generations, based on age and powers. There are a total of 31 deities in the Corwyn pantheon.

The first generation of Malkar created by the Unnamed comprised Enom; the God of Life and Al-Karym; the God of Death.

The second generation of deities were also created by the Unnamed and comprised Ethenghar; the God of Destiny and Atanavar, the God of Knowledge, who were both neutral and gave life and death meaning.

The third generation of deities were also created by the Unnamed and comprised the four neutral elementals who formed the world; Lehr; the God of Earth, Myrival; the Goddess of Water, Gorash; the God of Fire, and Ixion; the Goddess of Air.

The fourth generation of deities began when the younger Malkar began to create their own progeny. The lawful God Enom created Karmalok; the God of Bounty, and Ator; the God of Light. In response, the chaotic Gods began creating their own progeny for symmetry. The chaotic God Al-Karym created Kagyar; the God of Decay, and Eiryundal; the Goddess of Darkness.

The fifth generation of Malkar comprised the progeny of the neutral Gods; Ethenghar created S’Thar; the Goddess of Luck, and Atanavar created Nerydia; the Goddess of Magic.

The sixth generation of deities comprised the progeny of the newer lawful and chaotic deities. The lawful God Karmalok created Nyjev; the Goddess of Love and Isilahr; the Goddess of Mercy. The lawful God Ator created Etahr; the God of Strength and Berevrom; the God of Truth. For symmetry, the chaotic God Kagyar created Karaash; the God of Hatred and Tarastia; the Goddess of Vengeance. The chaotic Goddess Eiryundal created Ilsundal; the Goddess of Envy and Nestor; the God of Deceit.

The seventh and final generation of deities was unique in that these youngest Malkar were half-mortals, giving them less celestial powers, but greater influence over the world of men. The lawful Goddess Nyjev gave birth to Shua; the Goddess of Peace, and the lawful Goddess Isilahr married a mortal man and gave birth to Aleyssia; the Goddess of Healing. The lawful God Etahr’s mortal wife gave birth to Acerion; the God of Valor, and the lawful God Berevrom’s mortal wife gave birth to Praxis; the God of Justice. For symmetry, the chaotic Gods created others as well. The chaotic God Karaash raped a mortal maiden, who gave birth to Akhmahra; the God of War. The chaotic Goddess Tarastia seduced a mortal man and gave birth to Freyj; Goddess of Pain. The chaotic Goddess Ilsundal seduced a mortal man and gave birth to Knorr; the God of Fear, and the chaotic God Nestor tricked a mortal womanb into believing he was her actual husband, the woman later gave birth to Syneval; the Goddess of Vice.