The Moors

The Moors; or "Moorlands," are a wet, foggy, and green region of western Corwyn, largely taken up with the territories of the kingdom of Alveron and the Borderlands.

The people of this region are sometimes referred to as ‘Morlanders.’ The Moors region is located directly west of the Saugreth-Muir mountain range and stretches south from the Northlands through the northern edge of the Heartlands.

The Moors also stretches west until it reaches the eastern border of the Highlands region of Corwyn. The region is populated mainly by humans of Rynnish descent. The Moors region consists of two separate and distinct regions; the Borderlands, and the kingdom of Alveron. In addition, there are two powerful Freeholds located in the Borderlands region of the Moors; Archer’s Vale and Shadowbend.