The Morning Lord

The Morning Lord is one of two deities believed to watch over the land of Barovia, the other being Mother Night.

The Morning Lord is said to be the god of Dawn, Renewal, Life, Day, Healing, Spring, and many other concepts associated with the sun and positive energy. The Church in Village of Barovia , St Andral's Church in Vallaki and the Abbey of Saint Markovia in Kresk are all dedicated to him. It appears that most Barovians nominally worship the Morning lord, and that his counterpart Mother Night is more of a folk bugaboo than a functional part of a pantheon.

However, the Morning Lord himself doesn’t appear truly present in Barovia , either. Compared with the interactive and undeniable pantheons of the Forgotten Realms, the Morninglord seems to be more of an abstraction, and could be argued not to exist at all except for a sparse few clerics who seem to be awarded divine magic by their benefactor.

It is not lost on the Outlanders that the name Morninglord is sometimes used as an appellation for other good-aligned deities . It is true that the professed portfolios of these Gods overlap in many places, however Barovia’s Morning Lord has a more expansive responsibility.

Additionally, personality traits attributed to the Deities can be very different, with the Morning Lord being characterized as grim and resolute even in his hopefulness.