The North

Considered by many to be the harshest and most desolate region of Corwyn, the lands of the North are fraught with peril, intrigue, harsh temperatures, and strange creatures.

The North consists of three distinct geographic regions:

Of these three, the Icelands are the most well-known and populated, and the Northern Wastes the least.

These three territories share more than just cold temperatures; as the natives of all three regions have overcome violent histories and endured many hardships to eek out a meager existence with few natural resources and little wealth.

The region's small human population is overwhelmingly of either Thalari or Hüornen ethnicity. Perhaps it is despondency caused by the cold, but people here tend to be cruel, and hard, with little sympathy toward outsiders. Few outsiders travel here, and even fewer return.

The most important political entity in the North is the Kingdom of Marundi.