The Oramar

The Oramar is an extremely powerful and politically influential assembly of Orellian nobility, senior career politicians, and wealthy merchants who exercise political control over the kingdom of Orel.

The Oramar is made up of an assembly of 99 nobles; titled as; "Grand Dukes" or "Grand Duchesses" Every one of the members of the Oramar are tremendously influential, powerful, and wealthy merchant-lords. From that ruling body, A 10-person ruling council called the Decemvirate, advises the royal court in Ordana, and on certain occasions, controls it completely.

Only the most powerful noble families of Orel are allowed to become members of this body; and there is a long and complicated pecking order between these great, Orellian "Houses." Members of the Assembly are given the honorary title of "Exarchs."


The origins of the Oramar go back several thousand years, to a time when the nations of Orel, Eldara, and Valdor did not even exist. Before the rise of those great kingdoms, the five largest cities of Orel joined together in a political alliance known as the Orem Confederacy. The Confederacy was made up of the loosely allied city-states, run by powerful elected Rulers known as "Exarchs." the Exarchs, and their deputies were the administrators of these cities and gained enormous wealth and prestige by doing so.

When the Exarchs would meet, their council was known as the "Oramar," meaning "Old Man's Council" in ancient Oremish